Mile High Blues Society Board of Directors 2024

MHBS Elected Board

President - George Williams 

George was born and raised in Colorado.  He started playing guitar in Junior High school and started playing in bands during high School. He currently sings and plays guitar for Denver blues band Reckless and Blue. Reckless and Blue released their first album on December 15, 2021, and they are recording their second now.  George also hosts his own weekly Blues Radio show which can be heard at on Sunday at 2pm and 7pm and Tuesdays at 3pm and 10pm.  

Vice President / Director of Membership -  Steve Crower

Mr. Crower’s musical journey started in 1989 as an Alaska Fly Fishing Guide when he met, played guitar and sang with the great John Denver who encouraged a career in music.  Ignoring the advice, Mr. Crower began a career in energy from 1990 to 2014 with jobs in Houston, New Orleans, Utah, New York and Denver provided exposure to a wide variety of music.  In 2017, after two years at the Denver School of Rock, Mr. Crower began playing Ziggies Sunday Night Blues Jams with Doc Brown and John Weeks providing guidance on the "1-4-5" Mississippi delta inspired blues progression. In 2018, Mr. Crower played over 100 Open Mic Night rock shows at the Squire Lounge and Goosetown Tavern with Bands were comprised of musicians at the bar.  In 2019 Mr. Crower joined the Band MetByFate and recorded an album in 2020.  In 2021 Mr. Crower joined the Mile High Blues Society and was elected Secretary.  Steve was elected vice president iof MHBS in 2024.

Secretary -   Shaunda Fry


Owned her own business for the last 10 yrs and recently sold her partnership. A blues and rock singer, lover of music. Always up for an adventure.

Treasurer  -  Allen Anderson


Allen Anderson, from East Fishkill, New York began classical piano lessons at 12 with Earl Brown and played drums in Junior High band. Moved to Austin, Texas and earned a degree in music composition from the University of Texas while playing in various bands in the Austin area, including Blue Mist, Street People, and the BopCats (a 30’s period jazz trio which he led). Played keyboards in the University’s 2 o’clock and 1 o’clock jazz bands, and after graduation composed in the electronic music studio. Moved to NYC, worked in various clubs as a solo pianist, and played in local venues Danceteria, Cat Club, and CBGB’s with the band Uptown Atomics. Joined Banzai Kik project, and opened for Living Color at CBGB’s. Continued playing solo society piano gigs throughout greater NYC and was pictured in Martha Stewart’s Wedding book on the title page of the Music chapter.

Once his second child came along, discontinued music pursuit and developed a successful hotel career in catering and sales for the next 28 years, playing occasional solo piano and guitar gigs.

Moved to Denver in 2022, joined Reckless and Blue as keyboardist in 2023, and has been active in the front range blues community since then. Lives in Denver (Lakewood area) with artist wife Phyllis Anderson.


Board Members at large


Mark "Doc" Brown –  Past President

Doc, born in Denver, first performed live blues at his grade school when he was 10 years old.  He played with his brothers in The Brown Brothers Band throughout his high school and college years, and with well–known regional bands based in Utah, Connecticut, and New Mexico.  Returning to the Denver area, he led Otis T. and the Hammers and played with Ace Butler and the Aces.  Since 2003, he has been leading Doc Brown’s Blues Band, releasing the CD “Prescription for the Blues” in 2006,  and has hosted the Sunday Night Blues Jams (alternate Sundays) at Ziggies from 2004 until Ziggies closed in late 2017. 


Tim Hanna - Webmaster / Assistant Social Media


Tim Hanna started playing music in junior high school and eventually studied Music Performance (tuba) at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  While there he attended various music programs such as the Summit Brass Clinic and the Aspen Music Festival and played in the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra and the Denver Young Artists Orchestra.  After college, he served in the U.S. Army (Active Duty) as a military musician.  Later, Tim played tuba and bass in various theme parks including Walt Disney World (Orlando) and Busch Gardens (Williamsburg, VA). After a time living in Virginia, Tim returned to Colorado where he took a job as a federal contractor and currently plays tuba with the Littleton Symphony and makes the rounds of blues Jams in the Denver area.  Tim has a great appreciation for the rich tradition of blues music and joined the MHBS board of directors in 2023.


Jason Lynn  - Social Media Director


Jason's journey began in the heart of Arkansas, where his passion for the blues and the arts ignited. Armed with a degree in fine arts, he embarked on a transformative journey to Boulder, CO in 1995, laying the foundation for his career in graphic design.

In 2000, Jason made a pivotal move to Los Angeles, CA, joining Line 6 (Yamaha Guitar Group) and quickly becoming an indispensable member of the product design team. His contributions led to groundbreaking innovations, including the Variax, the world's first modeling guitar. With over two decades in the music industry, Jason has contributed and consulted notable names such as Jim Dunlop/MXR, Way Huge Electronics, Universal Audio, Grammatico Amplification, and West Coast Pedalboards, among others.

A seasoned musician for over 30 years, Jason's musical odyssey has taken him from the vibrant scenes of Colorado to the pulsating energy of Los Angeles and the soulful vibes of Austin, TX. Today, he continues to immerse himself in the local music community, whether sharing the stage with fellow artists or indulging in the rich tapestry of jams scattered across the mile-high metro area.

Dave Balczo

Dave has been an active member of the Denver Blues scene for many years. Originally from Southern Michigan, he grew up between Chicago and Detroit and was greatly influenced by the music coming out of those two great cities. He looks forward to his time on the Mile High Blues Society board promoting and enjoying the Blues!


Steve Gaskin

Steve Gaskin has been playing drums and percussion since 1973 mostly around the Denver, Colorado area. Steve’s experience includes concerts, club dates, supper clubs, showcase events, television, corporate events, weddings, festivals, commercial jingles, album projects, musicals, and educational presentations.

His musical styles include jazz, blues, rock, pop, folk, lounge, world music, big band, church worship, and orchestral. Some of the artists Steve has worked with include Reckless and Blue, Billy Sprague, James Van Buren, Billy Tolles, Joe Keel, Parameters, Barry Shapiro, Marguerite Juenemann, Kellis Etheridge, Hazel Miller, Zebra Junction, Red Feather Band, Rob Mullins, many more.


Gretchen Willams

Gretchen Williams is a dedicated advocate for the blues and a valued member of the Mile High Blues Society's board. With a passion for preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of blues music, Gretchen brings a wealth of experience in event coordination and community engagement to her role. 

Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity within the blues community is evident in her collaborative efforts to organize events that celebrate both established artists and emerging talent. With her strategic vision and unwavering dedication, Gretchen plays a pivotal role in advancing the mission of the Mile High Blues Society, ensuring that the blues continue to thrive and resonate with audiences of all ages.